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1 Laura L McWilliams commented Permalink

Excellent blog post. What I'm wondering though, is what if you make a change to the active profile, thereby changing the sync state to "Suspend until next activation" and then you make a DLPAR change? Will the DLPAR change be sync'd to the profile next time you activate, or will it be "lost"? <div>&nbsp;</div> I don't have access to an HMC with a late enough code level to test this.

2 aldridged commented Permalink

Hi brian, Just followed this on a HMC Ver 7.7.9 (SP1) system (two hmc's) . And we found that we could change the attribute and we could see that the attribute had changed. But within the GUI we still saw it incorrectly set to (Not sync). <br /> We were going to log a software call, but waited for out weekly HMC reboots to occur. They resolved the problem. <br /> The reboot of the HMC seemed to then to take affect the setting of the above attribute and all LPARS across 8 frames are now showing as SYNC happy. <br /> Thanks.....Dan

3 harigm commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> When the sync state is set to "Suspend until next activation", the dlpar changes will not be synced to the last activated profile till the next activation or apply of a profile. If an activation or apply of a profile is performed, the sync value will be set to sync turned on and the partition configuration will be synced to the last activated profile. But if the profile getting activated/applied doesn't contain the dlpar changes, then it will be lost. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks.