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Hi Brian <br /> I have one AIX level where the scrit seems to fail: <br /> root@i27lpar8:/ &gt; osc <br /> Checking oslevel... <br /> Current TL level appears to be downlevel <br /> oslevel -r: 6100-05 <br /> oslevel -r -q: 6100-05 <div>&nbsp;</div> Check the following filesets: <br /> root@i27lpar8:/ &gt; <div>&nbsp;</div> root@i27lpar8:/ &gt; oslevel -s <br /> 6100-05-04-1048 <br /> root@i27lpar8:/ &gt; oslevel -sq <br /> Known Service Packs <br /> ------------------- <br /> 6100-05-05-1112 <br /> 6100-05-04-1048 <br /> 6100-05-03-1036 <br /> ..... <br /> root@i27lpar8:/ &gt; oslevel -r <br /> 6100-05 <br /> root@i27lpar8:/ &gt; oslevel -rq <br /> Known Recommended Maintenance Levels <br /> ------------------------------------ <br /> 6100-05 <br /> 6100-04 <br /> 6100-03 <br /> 6100-02 <br /> 6100-01 <br /> 6100-00 <br /> It seems that there is a non complete 6100-05-05-1112 installed but it falls to get the filesets that are downlevel. <br /> Do you know why? If you need further debug data please tell me. <br /> Cheers Sebastian

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ok that formating is ruined, sent you an email ;)

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Is this correct ? "$oslevel -r" . I do not see variable oslevel, but curr_oslevel only. <br /> if [ "`oslevel -rq 2&gt;/dev/null | sed -n '1p'`" = "$oslevel -r" ]; then <div>&nbsp;</div> should not be <br /> if [ "`oslevel -rq 2&gt;/dev/null | sed -n '1p'`" != "oslevel -r" ]; then <br /> or <br /> if [ "`oslevel -rq 2&gt;/dev/null | sed -n '1p'`" = "$current_oslevel" ]; then ? <div>&nbsp;</div> Damn ? How to format code here ?

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Ignore last comment. My bad. <br /> "$oslevel -r" should be "`oslevel -r`" , correct ?

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Some versions of oslevel does not have -s option. <br /> what /usr/bin/oslevel <br /> /usr/bin/oslevel: <br /> 40 src/bos/usr/bin/oslevel/, cmdswvpd, bos52F, f2004_10A5 2/25/04 22:33:57 <br /> oslevel <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> Different oslevel works with -s <br /> what `which oslevel` <br /> /usr/bin/oslevel: <br /> 40 src/bos/usr/bin/oslevel/, cmdswvpd, bos52S, s2007_25A0 5/23/07 03:52:00 <br /> WE31125 / &gt;oslevel <br />

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/usr/bin/oslevel: This oslevel has -s option, but 2&gt;/dev/null does not help, and Known Service Packs is in output. <div>&nbsp;</div> oslevel -sq 2&gt;/dev/null | head <br /> Known Service Packs <br /> ------------------- <br /> 5200-07-00

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AixNewbie, yes you were right, the oslevel -r line had an issue in the original script. I have updated the blog post. I'll take a look at the oslevel differences on some versions you pointed out tonight and reply then. <div>&nbsp;</div> Sebastian - is the updated version of the script working for you now?

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AixNewbie - I updated the blog post with a note that the script won't work with AIX 5.2 or older. Thanks for the feedback.

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don't forget the magical command for finding which packages are not up to date when looking at a SP : <br /> instfix -cik 71-01-041216_SP|grep :-: <br /> 7100-01-04 Service Pack <div>&nbsp;</div> for example.

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JLGuyot - The script will show you what is causing the SP level to be downlevel so you don't have to use that instfix command.

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Hi Brian, <br /> Thanks for your blog. I have a situation where oslevel -s is correctly showing my v7.1 but the sysplan and lpar2rrd show it as v6.1. It happens on 2 out of 12 lpars which where all updated from the same lppsource. Have you come across this or does anyone have any suggestions? <br /> cheers, <br /> Anthony