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"You can now schedule DPO from the HMC GUI. Previously this was only runable from the HMC command line interface." <div>&nbsp;</div> this can be done in 7.8 and 7.9 also. Don't know about lower versions.

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I might try to get this on our LAB HMC, after testing 7.7.9 for a while. I assume they will continue to release updates to the V7R7 codelevels as i'm sure many still have Power 5 in their environments. Otherwise, i suppose i can use this as leverage to help motivate customers to allow us to move their LPARs off the old P5's to P7/8.

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Thanks for the good summary Brian! <div>&nbsp;</div> A few points I'd like to make: <div>&nbsp;</div> Ethernet SR-IOV support was introduced in V7R7.9.0. Note that Power 8 servers don't currently support this, or partition hibernation. <div>&nbsp;</div> Faster LPM when using VSCSI was an enhancement made in HMC V7R7.8.0, and included partitions configured with NPIV as well. <div>&nbsp;</div> V8R8.1.0 also introduces a CLI for RR, Chrome (v33) support, and REST API (see for documentation). <div>&nbsp;</div> Regarding the multi-step upgrade process, upgrading from HMC V7R7.8.0 to HMC Version V8R8.1.0 requires a minimum level of V7R7.8.0 plus PTF MH01402, V7R7.8.0 SP1, or later. <div>&nbsp;</div> The release REAMDE also has a good summary of changes -&gt; <div>&nbsp;</div> @Bradley Davis, has EOS dates for V7 HMC. <div>&nbsp;</div> @Pavol Bednar, V7R7.8.0 was the first release to support scheduled DPO operations.

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Hello <div>&nbsp;</div> Question: We have a new environment Power7 &amp; 8 environment setup using HMC v8, would like to downgrade the HMC to v7.9 to include our older Power5s. Is this possible - restoring a HMC v8 Backup to a HMC v7.9 install? <div>&nbsp;</div> Best Regards

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Not sure but I doubt that would be supported. Make sure you let your IBM reps know you want to see POWER5 support in HMC 8 :)

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there's one more thing I've just found today - HMC v8 has 64bit Linux underneath: <div>&nbsp;</div> Linux XXXXXXXX 2.6.32-358.23.2.53.hmc7_4p.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 11:17:39 CDT 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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@Rick Munn - Before upgrading to a new HMC version, always backup partition data (bkprofdata on the CLI, Manage Partition Data -&gt; Backup server task on the GUI) on the current level, then critical console data (bkconsdata on the CLI). This way if you ever want to back-level HMC, as in your case of moving back to 7.9 from 8.1, you can restore the partition data using the original HMC level's version. <div>&nbsp;</div> If you try and take 8.1 partition data backup and restore it on a 7.9 HMC, the server will go into a version mismatch state.

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Pay your attention… Suppose you have dual HMCs V7.8 managing a POWER7 server. As soon as one of your HMCs is updated to V8, any HMC V7 will not be able to manage your server anymore…You will get this error message "Save Area version mismatch" on the V7 console !!!