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ksh93 has a similar capbility but not as good as your script! <div>&nbsp;</div> # ksh93 <br /> # lsv <br /> 1) /usr/sbin/lsvfs <br /> 2) /usr/sbin/lsvg <br /> 3) /usr/sbin/lsvgfs <br /> 4) /usr/sbin/lsvirprt <br /> 5) /usr/sbin/lsvpd

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Hi Brian <div>&nbsp;</div> Good scripting. I just have just a idea for a small adjustment (for lazy guys like me) <br /> This is my version of the alias: <br /> alias lscmd='for dir in `echo $PATH | tr ":" " "`; do for file in `ls -1 "$dir"`; do [ -x "$dir/$file" ] &amp;&amp; echo $file; done; done | sort | uniq | grep -i $1' <br /> in this way you need not to do a | grep after lscmd and only have to enter a search argument after the alias. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards Sebastian