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1 D.Makukh commented Permalink

Great post, thanks Brian. <br /> I had very similar experience, but eventually switched back to QWERTY after ~6 months only on Dvorak. <div>&nbsp;</div> It was relatively easy to learn, maybe 1 or 2 hours to remember the layout. Dvorak is so much more logical! <br /> The hardest part was to unlearn English and shell patterns, like 'ls', ' ght', 'ps -ef', ':wq' etc. After doing this I couldn't type on Qwerty without looking anymore. Typing in Russian also suffered. <div>&nbsp;</div> So here's why I switched back: <br /> - It isn't "scalable". Maybe that is not a correct word but it is kind of what you said about vi and Perl in another post. QWERTY is everywhere. Imagine an incident, you go to the system room - and there is a standard keyboard. On which you cannot type! <br /> - Even after 6 months it was hard for me to type passwords. You know, something with special characters, numbers, small and capital letters. Copy / pasting is not a solution, sometimes you just have to do it... <br /> - Hotkeys. Just type :wq! on Qwerty and Dvorak and feel the difference; most hotkeys are optimized for Qwerty. <div>&nbsp;</div> Still, I'd recommend everyone to try - it is a very interesting experience by itself. Dvorak is waaay easier for hands, especially little fingers. There would be no more tired wrists.

2 brian_s commented Permalink

Thanks for the comments.. I had forgotten to mention the challenges regarding things like "vi" key mappings.

3 julxrp commented Permalink

I use the Colemak keyboard. The only operating system that does not recognize it is MS Windows. Even Windows 8 does not have it installed in by default like Dvorak is. That kinda shows how backward the operating system is. LOL. <br /> If you're a well versed computer user, you'd like to use the keyboard shortcuts on one hand while having the other on the mouse. In this aspect Colemak absolutely shines. Another good thing is that because it is based on QWERTY, switching in between QWERTY occasionally is much easier. <br /> The one thing that I do not like about Colemak is that is wasn't easy to learn for me at all. The hand rolling wasn't something that I enjoyed in the beginning and after using for about a year now, I still am not able to type a proper sentence without making loads of mistakes. I do find it more comfortable though and even though I have completely memorized the layout in my head, using it, is an entirely different story. But maybe that is just me. <br /> There are stories of those who switched to Colemak and within a month are able to type at the same speed they were using QWERTY with huge accuracy and loving it. <br /> The ways where Colemak is said to be better than Dvorak can be found here. <br />