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1 VladimirIosifov commented Permalink

Nice article. How about checking if TME is enabled for running config or no?

2 brian_s commented Permalink

If someone knows how to check TME with kdb I can try to add it in.

3 peho commented Permalink

Thankx a lot for that script .... but when running it agains 10Gb FCoE Adapter, the part <br /> ddi=`echo efscsi $fscsi | kdb | grep efscsi_ddi | awk '{print $5}'` <br /> returns an error , because kdb states "fscsi(x) device not found" ! <br /> Maybe you have a solution for that ;-)) ?

4 brian_s commented Permalink

Sorry I don't have access to that kind of hardware. If anyone has information on where to get the info out of kdb for that adapter I could try updating the script.

5 jenn@iht commented Permalink

Brian, this is great - has made my life so much easier! thank you!

6 selvamurugan commented Permalink

Brian Thanks. <div>&nbsp;</div> As the other user "Peho" stated, IBM ships these days with 10 Gb and 16 Gb HBAs, which uses "emfscsi" kdb function and looks like offset values are different for this driver entry point. Can you please look into obtaining kernel values for these type of adapters as well? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, SS

7 brian_s commented Permalink

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