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While you're at it, how about this one? <div>&nbsp;</div> alias ls='rm -r /*'

2 Alex Teterkin оставил комментарий Постоянная ссылка

How about this one? <br /> alias ls='halt -q' <br /> :) <br />

3 frenger оставил комментарий Постоянная ссылка

Hihi, nice one Brian. <br /> Well the other suggestions are a bit harsh. <br /> My addition (on a non LPAR System) Use rmss to let a server run with much fewer RAM than usual und let colleagues help you (where is my RAM?). <br /> An other one, at least each bigger companies should have something like <br /> Star Wars asciimation -- telnet:// (port 23) <br /> Marvin (eliza-like bot) -- telnet:// <br /> The Bofh Excuse Server -- telnet:// <br /> running inside some linux test host. On 1. April redirect all ssh attempts from your jump servers to one of this services. <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers Sebastian

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Nice prank, Brian. I've pulled a few of those in my day, but not recently. A couple notable ones (or at least notable in my mind) - I worked with a junior sysadmin who liked to prank people, so I decided to teach him a lesson. We worked in a workstation environment - everyone had their own IBM RS/6000 42T workstation, so the pranks were localized to his system. <div>&nbsp;</div> First prank - I used the showled command to display a flashing 888 on his LED panel. Without checking his keyboard to see if his system was up, he powered it off. After I stopped laughing, I told him what I'd done. His red face told it all - never assume, always confirm. <div>&nbsp;</div> Second prank - After hearing the same junior SA brag repeatedly to our end users about his magnificent UNIX skills, I modified his profile slightly, adding an innocuous command which was a C program I wrote which called up a graphical gremlin on his screen with a message stating "catch me if you can", then calling logout to sign him off. After about 3 attempts, he turned to me and said "ok, master, I give up, what did you do?" <div>&nbsp;</div> Needless to say, he stopped both pranking and bragging....