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1 thartric comentou às Link permanente

I'm not at Impact 2011 this year, but I can see how the combination of QR code and information aggregation would be helpful if I was!

2 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

@ Tom - hopefully the folks at Impact will find this app useful, in addition to any developer that may be planning on building something similar!

3 mullerj comentou às Link permanente

Nice work guys! The QR code makes it so easy to check it out ... just one click away.

4 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

@ John - thanks for the feedback John... and yes, QR codes are perfect to link to this type of app!

5 MartinPacker comentou às Link permanente

Is this the REAL reason you're messing with the QR code stuff? Maybe just the first outing with it... :-)

6 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

@ Martin - Ha! This was just my first good excuse to use a QR code!!!

7 David_Salinas comentou às Link permanente

Nice... great job utilizing many different technologies to build an effective cross-medium content aggregator. The complimentary and custom QRC is just pure showing off! :) <div>&nbsp;</div> My compliments to you, Daryl and Peter.

8 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

@ David... you just knew I was going to use a branded QR code some where!

9 christianIBM comentou às Link permanente

This is actually pretty cool technology as it allows you to virtually run an app on both android and iPhone without having to make separate apps. Wish I would have know about this before I learned Obj-C, although with Obj-C I'm pretty sure you can probably do a bit more on the low-level side like table image/size customization as well as other GUI related stuff (correct me if I'm wrong)... HTML5 is pretty amazing though...

10 christianIBM comentou às Link permanente

Oh yea, and its probably a million times easier to make an app this way if you dont know Obj-C or have a Mac.