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1 thartric commented Permalink

I'm not at Impact 2011 this year, but I can see how the combination of QR code and information aggregation would be helpful if I was!

2 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Tom - hopefully the folks at Impact will find this app useful, in addition to any developer that may be planning on building something similar!

3 mullerj commented Permalink

Nice work guys! The QR code makes it so easy to check it out ... just one click away.

4 bobleah commented Permalink

@ John - thanks for the feedback John... and yes, QR codes are perfect to link to this type of app!

5 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Is this the REAL reason you're messing with the QR code stuff? Maybe just the first outing with it... :-)

6 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Martin - Ha! This was just my first good excuse to use a QR code!!!

7 David_Salinas commented Permalink

Nice... great job utilizing many different technologies to build an effective cross-medium content aggregator. The complimentary and custom QRC is just pure showing off! :) <div>&nbsp;</div> My compliments to you, Daryl and Peter.

8 bobleah commented Permalink

@ David... you just knew I was going to use a branded QR code some where!

9 christianIBM commented Permalink

This is actually pretty cool technology as it allows you to virtually run an app on both android and iPhone without having to make separate apps. Wish I would have know about this before I learned Obj-C, although with Obj-C I'm pretty sure you can probably do a bit more on the low-level side like table image/size customization as well as other GUI related stuff (correct me if I'm wrong)... HTML5 is pretty amazing though...

10 christianIBM commented Permalink

Oh yea, and its probably a million times easier to make an app this way if you dont know Obj-C or have a Mac.