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1 nickpoore commented Permalink

I love these rivalries going on in software right now. Whether you are an apple, android, or microsoft fanboy you have to like these fast innovations to their software/hardware.

2 amidewar commented Permalink

what about us fangirls? Seeing as I know flash just about as good as I know how to develop for the iphone - I can't take sides.

3 bobleah commented Permalink

These are interesting times for this segment of the market. Is the workstation becoming obsolete as the primary device people use to access online services? Maybe... just maybe....

4 David_Salinas commented Permalink

I say.... get Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) and Shantanu Narayen (Adobe CEO) into a locked caged fight.... the one left standing wins. : )

5 mullerj commented Permalink

There is a good lesson here: be careful who you criticize, or least think through what their public response to your criticism might be. Steve and Shantanu should be an undercard fight this Saturday, just before Maywather vs Mosley. Now that would sell some tickets.

6 bobleah commented Permalink

@ John... yeah, that was quite a public smack down!

7 JayAllen commented Permalink

i thought i read something about adobe writing a jvm-like container that will enable flash on apple devices.

8 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Jay - I heard of this too... I bet it is not going to happen now!

9 PeterYim commented Permalink

I am telling you that apple is not playing with an open hand but a poker face. What makes apple decide they think we customers don't know running adobe flash would be slower and drain battery?? We just want to run flash. Apple is not being open right now. That's what happens when there are real competition against Apple products. Hopefully somebody will beat them. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also, in OS4, i remember they said if the native code wasn't done in Objective C or C, your app can't even deploy or run. They are shutting down loophole. Apple is a very protective company.

10 bobleah commented Permalink

Adobe Fires Back at Steve Jobs 'Smokescreen' <div>&nbsp;</div> By Jeremy A. Kaplan <div>&nbsp;</div> - <div>&nbsp;</div> In an escalating war of words, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch tersely replied to Steve Jobs over Apple's refusal to allow Flash on its devices. <div>&nbsp;</div> Read more here: