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11 jl.marechaux commented Permalink

Thanks Bob. <br /> You are right, I was pasting from a Lotus Symphony document (odt). The problem is now solved. THANKS

12 bobleah commented Permalink

@ jl.marechaux - super! And thanks for blogging on devloperWorks!!!

13 jl.marechaux commented Permalink

Unfortunately..... another problem :-) <br /> Even if I am using a 1150x250 image, it is resized when added to the leadspace. Is there any trick to be sure avoid this? <br /> /Jean-Louis

14 bobleah commented Permalink

@ jl.marechaux - you were using a slightly down level minimal theme... <div>&nbsp;</div> I updated your blog with the latest templates... and you are now good to go. BTW, you blog looks FANTASTIC!

15 jl.marechaux commented Permalink

Thank you so much Bob for updating the template for me! And if my blog looks good, it is really because I reused your theme and one of you images for the leadspace. My next step is to add tabs but I am ready yet. It is a nice feature that you added to the template

16 bobleah commented Permalink

@ jl.marechaux - glad I could be of service! And again, thanks for blogging on developerWorks!

17 thartric commented Permalink

Looks great Bob! Continuous improvement!

18 bobleah commented Permalink

@ thartric - thanks Tom! <div>&nbsp;</div> The theme has come a long way these past 6 months.... and I appreciate the support from you and the team to get it integrated into the blog application as a standard template choice!

19 llindsay commented Permalink

Hi Bob, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the update. Does the lead space also work for group blogs?

20 bobleah commented Permalink

@ llindsay - yes, this technique will work for group or individual blogs. Also, the minimal theme will work on either style of blogs...