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1 PeterYim comentou às Link permanente

nicely done, Bob! Using css to control what you want to show and how to show the content on various device sizes is very cool! Keep it up!

2 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

@ Peter - Thanks Peter! CSS3 makes this type of work so simple! Can you imagine the amount of JavaScript it would have taken to do this just a few years ago? <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm very thankful for the advances!

3 John.Kelly comentou às Link permanente

Great article Bob. I've picked up most of these techniques now and have incorporated them into my on blog It makes it look so much more professional. <br /> Keep up the good work &amp; thanks again. <br /> John

4 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

@ John.Kelly - Wow.. you blog looks fantastic! Thanks for being the first to implement this!

5 John.Kelly comentou às Link permanente

@Bob (thanks for nice words about blog...definately a work-in-progress though... have decided to invest a lot more effort on developing content as i'm about to go to a new job) hope you don't mind if i ask a few questions..... (a) the theme seems to have a small issue in that i think the default sort order should be most recent first, but I can't seem to find how to set it - so my question is, who "owns" the built-in minimal template ? (b) Could you suggest any freeware tools to develop header images ? I don't want to spend a lot of time on them, but it would be nice if they didn't looked hacked together :-)

6 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

@ John.Kelly - I assume you are talking about the sort order of comments? I agree. <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm the un-official owner of the Minimal theme... which I hacked together as part of a larger re-design project going on here at developerWorks. I have been using the theme as a testing vehicle to assist in formulating design concepts. <div>&nbsp;</div> Due to lots of requests, I made the theme available to all the bloggers here at developerWorks. If you run across issues, bugs, or have enhancements and feature suggestions, I'm the right guy to ask! <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm very fortunate to have an in house designer who rocks at graphics... so I was able to have my lead space image created by a pro, but for the other images I use in my blog posts, I use, which is an open source offering similar to Photoshop. <div>&nbsp;</div> Again, thanks for blogging on developerWorks!!!

7 John.Kelly comentou às Link permanente

@ bobleah - hey bob - a couple of points... <div>&nbsp;</div> (a) your in house designer does, in fact, rock <br /> (b) in fact i was talking about the blog order, but have just got to the bottom of that... i'd book marked it some time ago and hadn't noiced the url was;sortby=3&amp;lang=en :-) <br /> (c) thanks for the link to - yet another toy to fill the cold winter evenings with! <div>&nbsp;</div> cheers <br /> John

8 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

@ John.Kelly - Glad you solved the sort mystery. I'm still going to look at changing the sort order for blog comments, I like the idea of showing the newest comment first. <div>&nbsp;</div> BTW, I will pass on to Ami you compliments on her skills!!!

9 jl.marechaux comentou às Link permanente

Hi Bob. <br /> Thanks for this fantastic minimal theme. I have not explored all the possibilities yet, but I like very much what I have seen so far. I adopted your theme on my blog ( and I got a minor issue I don't understand. Each time I post something, the abstract on the main blog page starts with "&amp;amp;amp;lt;!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --&amp;amp;amp;gt;" <br /> I was able to get rid of it once, but I don't know how :-) Any clue?

10 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

@ jl.marechaux - The blog post in question has an odd style embedded into it: <div>&nbsp;</div> You can see this style by editing the post, and clicking the -h- button on the editor toolbar. I suspect this HTML was embedded at the time you authored the post. This typically happens when blog authors cut &amp; paste their entry from another application, such as Word, or are using a non-supported browser, or even possibly a blog client. <div>&nbsp;</div> It is simple enough to fix, just edit the post, switch to HTML mode, and delete the offending style. If you have any problems, just let me know....