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1 thartric commented Permalink

Great Blogging tips Bob -- thanks for sharing! <div>&nbsp;</div> Just curious on the Tagging appraoch -- as I noticed you have just the word "blog" as your only tag. Do you find that works best, or are you continuing to tweak the tag words?

2 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Tom - tagging is a subject I could devote a complete blog too... and really should. The quick answer is I typically start with 1 anchor tag, then add additional tags to fine tune the related blogs that show up in the Related widget. Tags is something we all take for granted, but a strong tagging strategy can result in far greater find-ability results for our followers.

3 David_Salinas commented Permalink

Ah.... another great update to the blog template. Its almost become expected that another iteration of the blog template will be available on a quarterly basis. : ) <div>&nbsp;</div> I really am glad to see the latest evolution of the tagging treatment to provide a quick and easily consumable visual indication of the trending. This is great and concise way to communicate, in a visually enticing manner, trending to the user. It would be really nice to see this design evolution applied across the site. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also, the "Links" feature is probably the most requested customization there is for those that adopt the blogging template. So, you have just made a lot of folks very happy. <div>&nbsp;</div> Now, we just need to make this blog template the default for our bloggers. Then, Bob... you may be able to retire. <br />

4 bobleah commented Permalink

@ David - thanks for the kind words! I'm excited about the prospect that trending holds for our bloggers and the site. Navigation through trending keywords is a great way to naturally let popular topics gain focus. With luck (and some hard work!), we should find this treatment reaching other areas of our site soon.

5 MikeC711 commented Permalink

Very good tips. Am I missing a simple mechanism that already exists for embedding files? I would like, for example, to include a jar with sample code ... right now, I can do so ... but is is not intuitive to the reader how to actually get the files. Since I'm just getting started, I plan to follow as many of these tips starting now as possible. I feel no need to fall into each ditch personally.

6 bobleah commented Permalink

@ MikeC711 - For downloadable files or other large artifacts, like zipped up code examples. I use the developerWorks Files application (located under the Community tab in the masthead). I upload my artifacts to Files, then simply link to them in my blog post. To actually embed an artifact into my blog post, such as a video, toggle your blog editor into HTML mode, by clicking the 1st icon (h) on the editor toolbar. Once in HTML mode you can paste in a embed or iFrame.

7 Tom_Helmer commented Permalink

Bob, this is much cleaner and easy to update. Thanks for the easy to follow, step by step instructions.

8 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Tom_Helmer - thanks for the feedback Tom! Hopefully, with time, we can integrate this theme into our blogging system, which will really make this easy for our bloggers!

9 Willie commented Permalink

Hi <div>&nbsp;</div> I might have missed something along the way. Although I think your template is great, I do not understand what to do with your occasional updates. I do I incorporate your latest changes into my blog without losing my customization? I should add here I am NOT an HTML or CSS person. A few of the things that happen are pretty much magic to me... (smile)... <div>&nbsp;</div> Here is how I am currently using your template... <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks again for making this available.. it's sure a lot nicer looking that the traditional developerWorks template for blogs. <div>&nbsp;</div> BTW, here are links to my external blogs also.. <br /> <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks again... <br />

10 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Willie - keeping up with the blog template updates is completely optional on your part. Some stick to a certain level, while others like to keep to the latest. In the current version, I have tried to keep the customizations to a minimum, so most can upgrade, and add back their own unique touches in just a few minutes. In the end, its totally up to you to choose when to upgrade or stick with what you have. Enjoy!

11 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Bob, always enjoy reading your blog updates. Testing commenting here a bit as part of a maintenance window and wanted to make sure things looked ok...

12 bobleah commented Permalink

@ thartric - thanks for testing the change against my blog Tom! BTW - everything appears to be working great!

13 MaurisourceAgenceweb commented Permalink

This is excellent and will contribute a lot on my Iphone version of my <a href="" rel="ibm" rel="nofollow">blog</a>. <div>&nbsp;</div> <h3><a href="" rel="ibm" rel="nofollow">agence web montreal</a></h3>

14 bobleah commented Permalink

@ MaurisourceAgenceweb - Thanks! You man find this blog post useful for your iPhone version: <div>&nbsp;</div>

15 daryl_pereira commented Permalink

No idea how you do it. Another phenomenal design update! Thx for pushing the boundaries.

16 bobleah commented Permalink

@ daryl - Thanks for the feedback! Cool thing is that the Minimal theme is now available publicly on developerWorks as a fully supported theme... no need to cut and past templates anymore!

17 cafe commented Permalink

Hi Bob, <br /> I like the trending topics feature. However, I find that I use a common tag set for all blogs (so that it gets listed appropriately on main dW tag clouds and other groups) and then add a few tags that are specific to a post. So the trending topics look the same for all my posts. It would be interesting to have a "ignoreTags" setting for the trending topics where we could list the common tags which are maybe obvious given the blog.

18 bobleah commented Permalink

@ cafe - I did add an ignore setting for the featured tag keyword. I will look at expanding this into an ignore "list" of tag keywords.

19 bobleah commented Permalink

@ cafe - I have updated the minimal theme with a trending topic tag ignore list. I also updated this blog post with the specifics...

20 svisser1 commented Permalink

Hi Bob, <div>&nbsp;</div> I upgraded to this template on your recommendation and can tell you it was easy and my blog looks immensely more professional than it did with the standard blog template. <div>&nbsp;</div> I still have some learning to do to get going on all the features I want to use, but I've made one observation and wonder if you've seen this before. <div>&nbsp;</div> My blog entries come up with odd symbols in place of text (in some places) when they are picked up by dailies: I also have a screen capture showing the problem if the daily is not available. I can't post it here, so let me know if you want me to send it somewhere? <div>&nbsp;</div>

21 bobleah commented Permalink

@ svisser1 - Thanks for the feedback! I also have a paper, and have noted the same odd chars being picked up. I believe it is how the blog feed / are handling spaces or newline chars. I will ask one of our techies to give this a look.

22 Tinniam V Ganesh commented Permalink

Bob - I want to enable Google analytics on my blog. Is it enough to insert the gaq-code - "UA-xxxxxxxx-xx" or should we insert the entire javascript code. This is what I did. Let me know if there things that I have to do additionally.. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> #set($google-gaq-tracking-code = "UA-16832398-17") <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks <br /> Ganesh

23 bobleah commented Permalink

@ TinniamV.Ganesh - all that is required is the GA code you added into the _options template. The JS is already part of the minimal theme. <div>&nbsp;</div> You are all set!

24 thartric commented Permalink

As more and more moves to mobile, the minimal theme comes in handy!

25 bobleah commented Permalink

@ thartric --- yep, mobile and tablets are taking over! Minimal theme works nicely with both!

26 VijaySankar commented Permalink

Hi Bob,

For updating the header - I did the following.
- Uploaded my image in the blog
- I put the image location in _option CSS template as #set($template-blog-header = '<URL>')
Am I missing something? Is this enough? My image is not shown as header in my blog....
Thank You for your help</URL>

27 SteveWebb commented Permalink

Hi Bob, <div>&nbsp;</div> I've been using the minimal theme for quite a while now, but I'm getting ready to update it with a hero image. I'm having trouble getting my image to display. I uploaded the graphic to dW, but when I set the value in the _options, it displays my URL instead of the image (and the URL hotspot points back to my blog). I'm sure I'm missing something on the syntax. <div>&nbsp;</div> Here's the syntax I have (this is a sample URL, the actual URL I'm using is valid and on dW): <div>&nbsp;</div> #set($template-blog-header = '') <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Steve

28 SteveWebb commented Permalink

Thanks for the help Bob! As you pointed out, I was missing the <img src="src" It="It" s="s" working="working" great="great" now:="now:" set="set" template-blog-header="" Steve="Steve">

29 SteveWebb commented Permalink

My last comment should have said that I was missing the image source tag but the less-than / greater-than signs don't show up in a comment. So here's what worked (replace the "less-than" and "greater-than" words with the symbols): <div>&nbsp;</div> #set($template-blog-header = 'less-thanimg src=""greater-than') <div>&nbsp;</div> Steve

30 bobleah commented Permalink

@Steve -- thanks for sharing!!!