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11 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Bob, always enjoy reading your blog updates. Testing commenting here a bit as part of a maintenance window and wanted to make sure things looked ok...

12 bobleah commented Permalink

@ thartric - thanks for testing the change against my blog Tom! BTW - everything appears to be working great!

13 MaurisourceAgenceweb commented Permalink

This is excellent and will contribute a lot on my Iphone version of my <a href="" rel="ibm" rel="nofollow">blog</a>. <div>&nbsp;</div> <h3><a href="" rel="ibm" rel="nofollow">agence web montreal</a></h3>

14 bobleah commented Permalink

@ MaurisourceAgenceweb - Thanks! You man find this blog post useful for your iPhone version: <div>&nbsp;</div>

15 daryl_pereira commented Permalink

No idea how you do it. Another phenomenal design update! Thx for pushing the boundaries.

16 bobleah commented Permalink

@ daryl - Thanks for the feedback! Cool thing is that the Minimal theme is now available publicly on developerWorks as a fully supported theme... no need to cut and past templates anymore!

17 cafe commented Permalink

Hi Bob, <br /> I like the trending topics feature. However, I find that I use a common tag set for all blogs (so that it gets listed appropriately on main dW tag clouds and other groups) and then add a few tags that are specific to a post. So the trending topics look the same for all my posts. It would be interesting to have a "ignoreTags" setting for the trending topics where we could list the common tags which are maybe obvious given the blog.

18 bobleah commented Permalink

@ cafe - I did add an ignore setting for the featured tag keyword. I will look at expanding this into an ignore "list" of tag keywords.

19 bobleah commented Permalink

@ cafe - I have updated the minimal theme with a trending topic tag ignore list. I also updated this blog post with the specifics...

20 svisser1 commented Permalink

Hi Bob, <div>&nbsp;</div> I upgraded to this template on your recommendation and can tell you it was easy and my blog looks immensely more professional than it did with the standard blog template. <div>&nbsp;</div> I still have some learning to do to get going on all the features I want to use, but I've made one observation and wonder if you've seen this before. <div>&nbsp;</div> My blog entries come up with odd symbols in place of text (in some places) when they are picked up by dailies: I also have a screen capture showing the problem if the daily is not available. I can't post it here, so let me know if you want me to send it somewhere? <div>&nbsp;</div>