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1 DougBreaux commented Permalink

Great tip!

2 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Doug - thanks! This 5 minute change is the most significant update you can make to give your blog super Google visibility....

3 JoshuaFox commented Permalink

I switched to a custom template -- and immediately, even if I made no changes to the base custom template, word-wrap stopped working; all the lines started running off the right of the screen. <div>&nbsp;</div> I had to switch back to a standard template. <div>&nbsp;</div> Any ideas. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also -- how can we get analytics (like statcounter or Google Analytics) in our blog. I tried this using a custom template, with the problem described above, so I wonder if devWorks has analytics built-in.

4 jtonline commented Permalink

Thanks Bob, <div>&nbsp;</div> For some reason I couldn't quite fathom, adding that snippet to the top resulted in the actual ": $utils.escapeHTML($entry.title)" string appearing in the title, not the entry title. Works fine at the bottom though.

5 timdp commented Permalink

Nice one Bob!

6 bobleah commented Permalink

@ James - add the code sniplet to the end of the _day template. Give this a try, and let me know the results please... thanks!

7 bobleah commented Permalink

@ timdp - Thanks!

8 DougBreaux commented Permalink

<p>I have been using a Greasemonkey script to change the title just for myself when viewing anyone's blog, but it apparently doesn't play nice with this template change (makes the page title "Comments (7)" on this page, for instance). I'll have to see about fixing that.</p> <br /> <p>Avoids the question, though, of why this behavior isn't the default. I can't think of any reason it shouldn't be. Even bookmarking a post requires the post title to be meaningful.</p>

9 DougBreaux commented Permalink

Nevermind, it wasn't that template change which messed up my GM script, it was another of your template changes :-) (Where you changed the post title from an h4 to an h1.)

10 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Joshua - I believe the issue may have been with how your BIO was inserted. I would suggest you start with inserting just the BIO sniplet, and see if that is the case.