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11 MaurisourceAgenceweb commented Permalink

Simple, minimalistic and effective. I like it thank you. <div>&nbsp;</div> John Pearson - <a href="" rel="123">Agence web Montreal</a>

12 SandeepDattaraju commented Permalink

This is so good, the validation codes are so easier, smaller and effectively done. I liked the validation very much

13 bobleah commented Permalink

@ MaurisourceAgenceweb - thanks, minimal is the future....

14 bobleah commented Permalink

@ SandeepDattaraju - agreed, IMO, keeping things simple always leads to an efficient and pleasing user experience. Thanks much for the feedback!

15 PatrickLondon commented Permalink

Quite a nice tutorial. You've missed one key area out though - when the text entered is longer than the box the text overflows on top of the tick or cross. Great effect though and I'll be using it soon I'm sure.

16 PatrickLondon commented Permalink

I'm sure you knew this but if you add "padding-right: 18px" to both input CSS styles it fixes the overlap.

17 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Patrick - Thanks for the feedback and the fix tip!

18 AdamMoore commented Permalink

Good article, but it's not full. Read this one too: