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1 David_Salinas commented Permalink

This is freaking sweet..... its going to be so, so nice when its commonly accepted that most of the users on the internet are using HTML5 compatiable browsers. As an engineer, form validation is painful and providing more built-in functionality helps to lower the development costs and ease the user experience. Thanks for giving us a snapshot of the future. : )

2 bobleah commented Permalink

@ David - HTML5 rocks... once all the major browsers fully adopt the specifications, things are going to get much simpler for the UI developer!

3 CJS commented Permalink

Nice blog entry as usual ..... makes me wonder when you are going to tweak your blog for the mobile platform :)

4 bobleah commented Permalink

@ CJS - timely question! I'm actually starting to look into a mobile template for blogs. Got to find some of your and Peter's time to help though!!!

5 Chuck_Byte_W commented Permalink

Nice timely example.

6 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Chuck_Byte_W - thanks, feel free to reuse the example / code...

7 mullerj commented Permalink

Lately, I have been working a lot with the design of forms, including validation and error messaging ... this will make it much easier to design and to be consistent across projects ... thanks for sharing!

8 bobleah commented Permalink

@ mullerj - your most welcome John! It will make our jobs a lot easier once full HTML5 adoption across browsers arrives...

9 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Particularly like the validation bitmap CSS example.

10 bobleah commented Permalink

@ MartinPacker - Thanks Martin... it is very slick how CSS &HTML5 work together nicely. I have got to give credit to the HTML5 specification team, they are really thinking this through.