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11 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Tom - Thanks for the kind words Tom!

12 finderanderson commented Permalink

its interesting and nice idea to share. <br /> Although i cant understand the following code of canvas but it looks to me that its another way of creating nice drawing by coding!!! <div>&nbsp;</div> */"var element = document.getElementById('myCanvas'); <br /> if (!element || !element.getContext) { <br /> return; <br /> } <br /> var context = element.getContext('2d'); <br /> if (!context || !context.drawImage) { <br /> return; <br /> }*/" <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> anyway great idea to share... <br /> anderson, website:

13 bobleah commented Permalink

@ finderanderson - The first method is verifying that the webpage contains a canvas element. The second method is verifying that the browser supports canvas. If either is false, then the remainder of the script does not run. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the feedback!

14 David_Salinas commented Permalink

Bob.... when you are going to post a new blog entry?

15 bobleah commented Permalink

@ David_Salinas -- I'm semi retired blogging, so don't expect any new posts.

16 thartric commented Permalink

Bob, I miss your Blogging!

17 thartric commented Permalink

I always enjoy your Blogs Bob