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1 thartric commented Permalink

Sweet! Congratulations on the availability!

2 Regix commented Permalink

Are you going to provide an article/tutorial on the development of this app? Show us how you built it.

3 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Regix - here you go ->

4 bobleah commented Permalink

@ rhartric - Thanks Tom! Nick & Ami produced a nice app!

5 Willem Foppen commented Permalink

This iOS application is not available in all countries. We have #IBMConnections app available. Is there a way to connect to #dW with my IBM account from that application.

6 Govind_Baliga commented Permalink

Hi Williem, <div>&nbsp;</div> developerWorks Community on Connections app is here. <br /> Android:;hl=en <br /> iOS: <br /> Blackbery: <div>&nbsp;</div> FAQ:!/wiki/Improvements%20in%20developerWorks%20Community