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1 LaCrimosa commented Permalink

so you're one in the developers group right.<br /> nice. well I'm a Chinese student and my major is software engineering<br /> it's really a big thing that i read the headline from our CSDN developer society and i signed in to enjoy this. <div>&nbsp;</div> greatest place ever. hehe.<br /> thanks for you guys' hardworking.

2 LaCrimosa commented Permalink

but seems i can't edit my profile right now. is it because your servers are facing too much pressure?,,,lol

3 LaCrimosa commented Permalink

alright my problem is gone and, may i add you to my collegue if you don;t mind?

4 bobleah commented Permalink

Hi LaCrimosa.. and welcome to developerWorks! Your colleague request happily accepted.. and welcome to the party!

5 LaCrimosa commented Permalink

aww.. cool.. thank you...

6 LaCrimosa commented Permalink

by the way i already submitted my request for a dW blog, may i know how much time does it take in normal situtation to get my reply? cause i really do trust IBM guys efficiency and i'm kind of starting to worry about whether my email address could receive your confirmation mail properly.. lol.. am i too eager for it? lol...

7 David_Salinas commented Permalink

Great pics, Bob. Wish I could have been there to enjoy the festivities. You and the other dW gang are going to have to go out and celebrate launching My developerWorks when I am back in RTP. Til then, keep blogging. You are starting to build a fan club. :)