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1 Jamesco commented Trackback

WOW....My developerWorks and facebook connect really rocks! I'm feeling much cooler already

2 Saqib Ali commented Permalink

totally awesome!!!! :) LC is prolly the first e2.0 app to integrate with Facebook this seamlessly...... <br />

3 bobleah commented Trackback

@saqibali - Thanks for the feedback! I also think this is a really valuable feature. Painless and seamless integration between social sites is critical. Doesn't get much easier than this... a few mouse clicks and your developerWorks activity is linked with your Facebook friends network! Very cool...

4 Saqib Ali commented Trackback

@bob, <div>&nbsp;</div> I agree. LC makes it totally seamless. :) <div>&nbsp;</div> One question: <div>&nbsp;</div> Are the "Status Updates" on LC suppose to show up on FB as well? It is not working for me. Is there a way to turn that feature on? <div>&nbsp;</div> Saqib

5 bobleah commented Permalink

@saqibali - they should show up on your Facebook wall.. we do not replace your status set within the Facebook application itself.

6 PeterYim commented Permalink

This is such a cool feature!!! I love it!

7 SumaChakrabarti commented Permalink

Its really cool.. I did it today.. Thanks Bob for sharing this instructions

8 SumaChakrabarti commented Permalink

I can see The FB status on My dW but I cant see my activities getting posted on to FB .. I have done the settings .. any clue ?

9 bobleah commented Permalink

@Suma - we had a small problem earlier today... but it should be working now.

10 jaltacol commented Permalink

It'd be nice if FB status could be fed from MydW status and vice versa too...