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Blog Authors:  ELISABETH STAHL   is Chief Technical Strategist and Executive IT Specialist, IBM Systems and Technology Group, and has been working in systems performance for over 25 years.

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1 localhost commented Permalink

On a totally different but related topic, do you know why no other DBMS vendor (other than Microsoft) has released any TPC-E numbers? There was an excitement many months ago when TPC-E was formalized. But Microsoft seems to be the only doing TPC-E. It's just odd.

2 localhost commented Permalink

James - Thanks for your comments. TPC-E, like TPC-C, is a very complex benchmark and I think it will take some time for analysis and work to publish on this benchmark with varied hardware and software configurations. If you haven't read it, don't forget the TPC-E white paper at .

3 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks! It's good to know that vendors other than Microsoft are working on publishing TPC-E results. Right now, the only published results are from Microsoft, and it's kind of silly for MS to claim that they have top TPC-E scores when nobody else has published any numbers. The results of this type of benchmarks will only be meaningful when there are things to compare. Hopefully, we can soon see results for DB2, Oracle, and so on.

4 localhost commented Permalink

What in TPC-E is more complex for Oracle & DB2 than Microsoft SQL ?

5 localhost commented Permalink

For a benchmark such as TPC-E, Oracle and DB2 would require more sophisticated analysis. TPC-E is more realistic but much more complex than TPC-C. TPC-E has a complex database layout and transactions, many more tables, columns, keys, and tables with foreign keys, and referential integrity, as well as customer partitioning and database isolation requirements.

6 localhost commented Permalink

Many tables and columns doesn't disturb Microsoft and MSSQL. No doubt that IBM done tons internal TPC-E tests in this 2 years (since IBM, Oracle and others develop tpc-e draft document). Question why IBM doesn't want to publish results ? If DB2 can't show great result on pSeries because of MVCC, why IBM doesn't use Oracle ? Oracle has problems too ? Maybe you can provide unofficial comments ?<div>&nbsp;</div>

7 localhost commented Permalink

Complexity of the 12 stored procedures can't take 2 years. IBM has the same task as Microsoft, IBM looking forward - Microsoft doing tests. Maybe you know, IBM plan publish tpc-e tests on Oracle ?

8 localhost commented Permalink

The complexity of the database can take time. We are all looking forward to seeing TPC-E published by all vendors on different databases and different platforms.

9 john.camburn commented Permalink

Here we are more than three years later, and still no Oracle or DB2 results in the TPC-E. What gives?

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