Benchmarking and systems performance - hosted by Elisabeth Stahl

Elisabeth Stahl

Blog Authors:  ELISABETH STAHL   is Chief Technical Strategist and Executive IT Specialist, IBM Systems and Technology Group, and has been working in systems performance for over 25 years.

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After reading the story about the puppy who refused to go swimming again, it reminded me of a recent walk along the Connecticut shoreline on a typical mid-Fall, New England weekend. Only a handful of folks were on the beach, most of whom were walking dogs. One fellow was playing fetch with a dog who just relished the opportunity to swim out about twenty-five feet from shore to retrieve a stick, even in the cooler weather. He just couldn't get enough!<div>&nbsp;</div> It's so sad that the puppy who got caught in water weeds was unable to overcome his inhibition and partake in what seemingly comes naturally to the species. And so it is with individuals who may hold onto older business models while new ones provide incremental benefit.<div>&nbsp;</div> The IBM Power series is a very solid product line. However, not everyone requires the highest levels of performance that are attainable by the IBM Power 570, especially when more economical alternatives exist. Perhaps I've missed something but I've never needed to rent a moving truck when going to the local building supply or garden shop; the car worked just fine. It's cost effective and serves the purpose well!<div>&nbsp;</div> In a similar light, there are differences between the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server and the IBM Power series. However, we should focus on providing the required level of service to customers. The appropriate questions should be:- Can the system do the job effectively?- Is it cost effective?- Are there any noticeable differences in the service provided?<div>&nbsp;</div> For many business oriented workloads, the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server has demonstrated a compelling advantage. Based upon published results for industry standard benchmarks, the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server can provide a comparable or better level of performance than the the IBM 570 at 4.7 GHz in just one-quarter of the space, using one-third the power and at approximately one-fifth the list price.<div>&nbsp;</div> The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server accomplishes these results with a typical power consumption of well under 2,000 watts and just 4 RU of space. It behooves a customer to consider this new offering from Sun as a viable, cost effective solution for these and related types of business applications.<div>&nbsp;</div> Alan GoldmanProduct Manager, Sun Microsystems<div>&nbsp;</div>

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