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Autores do Blog:  ELISABETH STAHL   is Chief Technical Strategist and Executive IT Specialist, IBM Systems and Technology Group, and has been working in systems performance for over 25 years.

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IBM can't seem to get into the big leagues either. There hasn't been a high end server non-clustered result running Power since 2005 with the original P5 595. What is IBM hiding by running a 32 x 4-core P6 570 solution instead of the more common 8 x 16-core P6 570 configuration? Clustering only adds costs and complexities which most customers try to avoid. Just look at the $/QphH between the two configurations-40% better $/performance on a non-clustered Sun high end system. <div>&nbsp;</div> So the question really becomes: Why hasn't IBM published a high end system TPC-H result since 2005? I/O challenges? Maybe its time to look at your own weaknesses.

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Phil - Thanks for your comments. It would be very nice indeed to see the nonclustered result you are alluding to. And hopefully we will see one of these soon.

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