Benchmarking and systems performance - hosted by Elisabeth Stahl

Elisabeth Stahl

Blog Authors:  ELISABETH STAHL   is Chief Technical Strategist and Executive IT Specialist, IBM Systems and Technology Group, and has been working in systems performance for over 25 years.

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1 localhost commented Permalink

But you forgot to mention that the p570 #1 result is clustered! When will IBM run a non-clustered p570 TPC-H benchmark? <div>&nbsp;</div> Also, why would anyone choose p570 over p595 on a high end database, and then configure p570's in a 4-core configuration x 32 nodes instead of 16-core x 8 nodes unless I/O bandwidth is a problem?

2 localhost commented Permalink

Phil - Thanks for your comment. What's great about TPC-H is how we have both clustered and non-clustered proof points to analyze. Hopefully we will see more of both on new technology platforms in the future for this benchmark.

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