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1 Yasser_Abduallah commented Permalink

To create an output parameter for Weather object
1) Open the policy
2) Click "Configure User Parameters" button to open the configuration page
3) In the configuration click "New Output Parameter:"
4) In the popup window:
Name: Weather
Policy Variable Name: Weather
Format: Array Of Impact Object
Schema Definition: it will become required, click on the button to open the schema definition configuration page.
In my policy above, I have only one field which is city in the objects.
You will need to create an entry for every field in the objects.
5) Save save and close all the configuration pages.
The output parameter should be available to the UI Data Provider after default max of 5 minutes.
Then you can create the page.

I will work on creating a video for this one.

2 Bheemanagouda commented Permalink

Sure Yasser, if you uploading video means it sounds good.

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