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1 mvss commented Permalink

Hi Sam, <br /> This is really very good article and is helping me in putting together my responsive design based on REST enabled services. However I am finding it difficult to send multivalue parameters to REST enabled services. Ex: parameters such as in ('IL',,'TX'). Can you please help me? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you, <br /> Venkat

2 Michael Burati commented Permalink

@Venkat, <br /> I'm sure Sam appreciates the thanks and comment. For related followup questions it's probably better to use the Web Experience Factory forum on developerWorks where there are related threads and experts monitoring for such questions. It's not clear whether you're asking about how to send the multi-valued parameter(s) from jQuery or how to retrieve them in WEF, but if it's the latter then there are threads on getting multi-valued inputs there including the following: <br />;ps=25 <br />;sa=true <div>&nbsp;</div> I hope that helps, <br /> ..Mike Burati <br /> <br /> The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of IBM.