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1 Michael Burati commented Permalink

Nice article. Just a few comments that may help others trying your sample: <br /> - If using WAS/Portal (as many portlet developers do) instead of WASCE, then change the Service Consumer builder in the jqmConsumer model to point to tutorials/solutions/basics/data/Tutorial_DB_Provider_WAS.model from the tutorial feature set instead of the WAS CE equivalent. <br /> - If using this in a version of WEF where &amp;quot;Smart Refresh&amp;quot; (automatic partial page refresh) is the default, then add a Theme builder to the top of the jqmConsumer model, select override theme properties and disable Smart Refresh so that it doesn't try to redefine JQuery within the page as SmartRefresh replaces the page contents in place. <br /> - For those interested in building portlets using jquery instead of Dojo, it is recommended that the portal page load JQuery and JQuery UI and not have all the portlet pages trying to load it (and thus possibly causing redefined JS objects or version mismatch issues, both of which could cause jquery problems. <br /> Thanks again, <br /> ..Mike