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Comments (5)

1 kakin1213 commented Permalink

Hi Kirk,

It is an informative article and it helps my understanding a lot on the concept of "Module". Thanks.
However, it seems the reporting function in DNG doesn't give the statistics (e.g. # of artifacts) in each module of a project. Also, I'm studying RRDI but it seems the information is not available among those Data Model (RIDW, JTS, etc.).
Do you have any suggestions on my case?
Thanks in advance for your help.

2 kirkg commented Permalink

I'm not that familiar with reporting... I would suggest posting this question to jazz.net forums... you'll be more likely to get a good answer there.

3 Brad.Middleton commented Permalink

v4.0.5 included improvements for RRDI reporting improvements which include module content and attribute names, see https://jazz.net/downloads/rational-requirements-composer/releases/4.0.5?p=news#TOC_C

4 Chidambaram1 commented Permalink

Great article. Thanks.

Some improvement suggestions:
1) Provision for a filter in the module; artifacts from this filter should only be displayed in RTC/RQM when a Dev Plan / Test Plan is linked to this module. Currently it shows all the artifacats including Headings; Heading will not have a traceability link.
2) Option to link a particular baseline with Dev & Test Plans; tracability link to navigate to that particular Module baseline and not the current version.
3) Baselining the module should also baseline the artifact; if the user wants to navigate through the artifact and find the version that was shared to the dev / test team.

5 kirkg commented Permalink

About comment 4... the ability to link to a module view in RQM or RTC is currently in RRC/DNG (I think starting in 4.05?). There is one non-obvious catch though... this only works for views that are unique to that module (e.g., not views that are used in all modules).

Points 2 and 3 should be addressed in the future with the addition of Configuration Management to DNG (work currently underway, with an initial beta available on jazz.net).

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