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1 Prithiviraj commented Permalink

Congrats thats a long journey and Indeed it is very inspiring......

2 B.Hauser commented Permalink

Hi Barbara,<div>&nbsp;</div> congratulations! ... and keep on good working! We hope you'll continue to design and develop a lot of nice and important features for RPG.<div>&nbsp;</div> Birgitta

3 DeLongE commented Permalink

Barbara,<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks doesn't seem to cover my appreciation for your work with IBM and our development community. You're the best! Your efforts here in the Cafe and on make us all look good! <div>&nbsp;</div> I can hardly wait for the next big surprise! <div>&nbsp;</div> Respectfully,<br /> -Eric DeLong

4 Chamaraw commented Permalink

Barbara,<div>&nbsp;</div> Congratz..............<div>&nbsp;</div> Keep up the good work <br /> Chamara

5 cafe commented Permalink

<br /> Hi Barbara, <div>&nbsp;</div> Just logged in for the very first time in the RPG Café. I also started in July 1989 with NO computer and a long table full of books on the AS/400. I had no worked previously with any System 3x, just arrived from a one month course on RPG II. That was my first job and I am still on the AS/400 family. <div>&nbsp;</div> Congratulations from Barcelona, Spain. <div>&nbsp;</div> Andreu