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I'll second that motion. <div>&nbsp;</div> Presonally, I have a copybook that has a whole list of common words for common things. Amongst many other little top secret tricks, which would cause this forum to self destruct in 15 seconds, a couple of the more obvious ones are: <div>&nbsp;</div> ON/OFF - yes these are from waaaay back when *ON was a glint in the compilers eye. <div>&nbsp;</div> SingleQuote - ' obvious really but makes code so much more readable <div>&nbsp;</div> DoubleQuote - the same reason <div>&nbsp;</div> Lower - useful for XLATING strings to lower case. <br /> Upper - useful for the opposite reason. <div>&nbsp;</div> Another useful one is coding the hex codes for CMD/PF keys. I quite like this because I dont have to worry about defining indicators to *INKC type functions. I can just say 'If CMD03;' for example. <div>&nbsp;</div> Yes, yes, I know its a F key, but before that it was a CMD key... back in the days of real keyboards that made insanely loud buzzing sounds and kept the office warm with heat output....showing my age here ;) <div>&nbsp;</div> [code] <br /> // Named hexadecimal constants for cmd/function keys <br /> D Cmd01 C X'31' <br /> D Help C X'31' <br /> D Cmd02 C X'32' <br /> D Cmd03 C X'33' <br /> D Exit C X'33' <br /> D Cmd04 C X'34' <br /> D Prompt C X'34' <br /> D Cmd05 C X'35' <br /> D Refresh C X'35' <br /> D Cmd06 C X'36' <br /> D Cmd07 C X'37' <br /> D Cmd08 C X'38' <br /> D Cmd09 C X'39' <br /> D Cmd10 C X'3A' <br /> D Cmd11 C X'3B' <br /> D Cmd12 C X'3C' <br /> D Previous C X'3C' <br /> D Cmd13 C X'B1' <br /> D Cmd14 C X'B2' <br /> D Cmd15 C X'B3' <br /> D Cmd16 C X'B4' <br /> D Cmd17 C X'B5' <br /> D Cmd18 C X'B6' <br /> D Cmd19 C X'B7' <br /> D Cmd20 C X'B8' <br /> D Cmd21 C X'B9' <br /> D Cmd22 C X'BA' <br /> D Cmd23 C X'BB' <br /> D Cmd24 C X'BC' <br /> D PageDn C X'F4' <br /> D PageUp C X'F5' <br /> D EnterKey C X'F1' <br /> D HelpKey C X'F3' <br /> D PrintKey C X'F6' <br /> [/code] <div>&nbsp;</div> ;)