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1 Shaun@AU commented Permalink

has anyone got this SRA to work in a real failover scenario? i've setup SRM, SRA (from vmware site), v7000 fw ver 6.3.0 with metromirror, on vcentre 5 and esxi 5. test recovery plan worked ok, but real failover failed with "error: failed to promote replica devices. duplicate device 6 found in SRA's failover response". but there is no lun with id 6 at recovery site!. (lun with id 6 exist at the protected site tho). any ideas? also with real failover, protected site lun get dismounted and now recovery plan is in a limbo state. any advice on how to clean up the plan properly, this would be helpful for anyone who is doing real failover testing and get stuck. so you could roll back and get the protected site up and running and worry about fixing errors later. (sorry for the long post, know this is not tech support line, talking to ibm support now - response is slow ..)

2 Shaun@AU commented Permalink

hi anthony, response from ibm storage support on the error is that still fw 6.3.0 is not supported. said to refer to ibm support matrix, <br /> <br /> apparently vmware support matrix is incorrect and ibm supported version is going to get released in sometime November. any comments? <br />

3 Shaun@AU commented Permalink

received this info from ibm support today, <br />;myns=s033&amp;mynp=OCSTPVGU&amp;mync=E <br /> picture slowly getting clearer , there is no fix for v7000 fw 6.3 for SRM 5 yet ... <br />