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1 Paul-PM commented Permalink

Any update on when the V7000 stencils will be coming

2 Jim-HerrFoodsInc. commented Permalink

Hello Anthony ... I'm looking for N3400 storage Visio stencils. Do you know when they will be available on the Visio Cafe website?

3 anthonyv commented Permalink

The N3400 Stencils were added on Jan 17, 2011/

4 anthonyv commented Permalink

As for the Storwize V7000 templates... I have them but there is a minor naming issue I am working on. <br /> If/when I resolve it I will post them in my blog (until they appear on Visio Cafe). <br /> In the meantime, send me an email and I will email them to you (they are only small, 470 KB).

5 tilbrooka commented Permalink

Hi Anthony, I am after EXP5060. Will these be available any time soon? Thanks

6 anthonyv commented Permalink

My memory tells me that EXP5060 was on the list for 'round 3' of the updates (there have been two updates in the last 3 months). <br /> I will confirm and get back to you.

7 anthonyv commented Permalink

If you want EXP5060 stencils, send me an email and I will send you something. official ones should be posted to Visio Cafe in a few weeks.

8 anthonyv commented Permalink

Storwize V7000 Visio stencils are here: <div>&nbsp;</div>

9 slippen commented Permalink

Anthony, <br /> I'm looking for a Proventia GX6116 stencil, any help? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks

10 anthonyv commented Permalink

Good question, I have not seen that stencil, so I am asking my contacts. <br /> Will let you know.

11 CezarAbellera commented Permalink

Hi Anthony, I am looking for an XIV visio stencil, Is there a chance that you may have them?Thanks

12 anthonyv commented Permalink

Hi Cezar. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have quite a few stencils with XIV in them, if you post a comment with what exactly your looking for and your email address, I wont post your address to the world, but I will share specifically what you need.

13 anthonyv commented Permalink

I placed my XIV Visio stencils here: <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Are they what your looking for?

14 MAlt commented Permalink

any chance to get the actual stencils of the XIV? controller and disk shelves along with the cabinet? Would like to update my Storage diagram to include this piece of hardware.

15 anthonyv commented Permalink

Hi. <div>&nbsp;</div> Right now the only Visios I have for XIVs are here: <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> I have a whole list of new Visio Stencils being created, which will include far more detailed views of the XIV, but they are still in production. As soon as i have an ETA I will update you.

16 MichalW commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> Great job! but i am looking for some stencils: <br /> - low profile cards ( most important for me - 1 port SAS HBA and 1 port FC HBA) <br /> - 3.5 HDD's (for DS3512 for example) <br /> - rear of 1U TFT console <br /> - additional Ethernet ports for x3550 <br /> - blanks for FC ports (on switches and arrays) - I would prefer to have empty switch and Arrays, and just to add ports i need. <br /> - HH FC Tape drive <br /> - DPI Universal Rack PDU (Europe)

17 anthonyv commented Permalink

I have managed to 'create' some of these by un-grouping some of the larger stencils. <br />

18 PCunha commented Permalink

Is there any chance to find the #5796 exp drawer in stencil ? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks

19 KClevenger commented Permalink

I need stencils for tape systems, specifically the TS2900. The tape stencils on Visio Cafe have not been updated since June 2008.

20 anthonyv commented Permalink

Tape updates are on the plan. Will check as to progress.