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31 rsio commented Permalink

Do you happen to have the Visio stencils for the SVC node 2145-CG8 and redundant AC power 2145-8300?

32 avandewerdt commented Permalink

The only ones I know about are in the IBM Common set but I cannot see CG8 in there. <br /> Of course the CG8 is an x3550M3 and that is in the System x set. <br />

33 jacksod1 commented Permalink

Just wanted to say the Visio templates are amazing. Is there any plans to include the rear of the 1U TFT Console?

34 ScottSchindler commented Permalink

Thank you for the XIV stencils. Any chance you have SVC stencils? Need the full open rack like you did for XIV, which isn't in the IBM download.