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16 MichalW commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> Great job! but i am looking for some stencils: <br /> - low profile cards ( most important for me - 1 port SAS HBA and 1 port FC HBA) <br /> - 3.5 HDD's (for DS3512 for example) <br /> - rear of 1U TFT console <br /> - additional Ethernet ports for x3550 <br /> - blanks for FC ports (on switches and arrays) - I would prefer to have empty switch and Arrays, and just to add ports i need. <br /> - HH FC Tape drive <br /> - DPI Universal Rack PDU (Europe)

17 anthonyv commented Permalink

I have managed to 'create' some of these by un-grouping some of the larger stencils. <br />

18 PCunha commented Permalink

Is there any chance to find the #5796 exp drawer in stencil ? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks

19 KClevenger commented Permalink

I need stencils for tape systems, specifically the TS2900. The tape stencils on Visio Cafe have not been updated since June 2008.

20 anthonyv commented Permalink

Tape updates are on the plan. Will check as to progress.

21 XtraLars commented Permalink

The V7000 stencils are nice, but they are huge compared to all the other stencils I got from visio cafe. <br /> And when I scale them down, they don't snap to my rack or behave like the other ones... <div>&nbsp;</div> Anyone else got this issue? <br /> I'm using the 7014-T42 rack in the "IBM-Racks" package downloaded from visio cafe..

22 anthonyv commented Permalink

Sadly your experience matches mine. The Visios are not scaled to match the rest in our collection. I will give the visio creation team another shake to see what the hold up is in producing the 'final' official version.

23 TrevF commented Permalink

The official IBM Storwize V7000 shapes have landed on the Visio Cafe for your downloading pleasure. This includes the new 2076-3xx series with the 10GbE ports. Enjoy! <div>&nbsp;</div> Trevor

24 kopper commented Permalink

links to download XIV visio files are not working <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks <div>&nbsp;</div> let me know when up

25 anthonyv commented Permalink

I would like to say that its a protects against SOPA, but it looks like a bug. <br /> Thanks for letting me know, I will follow it up. <br /> If you let me know which files you want, I can email them to your GMAIL account. <br />

26 anthonyv commented Permalink

Curious. Problem only occurs in Chrome. I switched to Firefox and downloads work fine. <br /> I checked with dW support and they are telling me that right now they don't support Chrome and won't until they upgrade some of the backend software. <br /> Can you try downloading with Firefox?

27 Brisee commented Permalink

Hi <div>&nbsp;</div> You mentioned incoming updates last year for TAPE visios. Any news on these? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks

28 anthonyv commented Permalink

I have asked the project manager for stencils to confirm the ETA on this.

29 J.Bernier commented Permalink

Hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> like another user, looking for #5796 exp drawer in stencil, not in IBM-Server-Power.vss (05-Dec-11) <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks

30 anthonyv commented Permalink

Hi, suggest you ping Nicollette: <div>&nbsp;</div>!/NicoletteMcF