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1 Shaun@AU commented Permalink

hi anthony <div>&nbsp;</div> with esxi5 + v7000, you are only required to turn off VAAI UNMAP if using thing provisioned LUNs? or regardless of LUN type you should turn it off? <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks.

2 anthonyv commented Permalink

Turn it off regardless of whether you are using TP or not.

3 MattBaldwin commented Permalink

I was looking for the VAAI driver for my 4.1 hosts since we just purchased a Gen 3. The release notes only mention the Gen 2 microcode. Any thoughts as to if I can use VAAI with the Gen 3?

4 anthonyv commented Permalink

It will work with Gen3 just fine. <br /> I used it when doing the Redbook chapter updates, so can attest that it works without issue.

5 RickardNobel commented Permalink

You could also use the ESXi Shell / SSH to verify if VAAI has been detected on the LUN, including the XCOPY Operation. See this blog post for the parameters with ESXi 5.0: <div>&nbsp;</div>