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1 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

I'd have to say that it's a backhanded compliment to get plagiarised, but it doesn't reflect well on the site that did the plagiarism. Makes you wonder whether they're really a site or just a search engine for advertising. <div>&nbsp;</div> Good bloggers know that if you're recognising a good idea from someone else you acknowledge your source (but if you're commenting on someone else's private mistakes, you don't identify them. In other words, you protect your source!) <div>&nbsp;</div> I think it is reasonable to expect some acknowledgement of the work done by the original author, and we owe it to that author in justice, even if the "new" post says nothing more than "Anthony V wrote this great post" and then quote the entire thing verbatim with a link to the original.

2 anthonyv commented Permalink

Totally agree..... its hard work to create new valid useful content. I work very hard to create it because I want it to be GOOD. <br /> For someone else then to then create a body of work (like an artists portfolio) to promote their own site (and name and brand) and then make money on it.... mmm <div>&nbsp;</div> As you rightly say, they could still do all of these things without any complaint from me if they just added a source statement at the top of the 'clone' posts.