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1 DMB_CA commented Permalink

First and foremost... <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you for finally removing the need to type svctask and svcinfo in front of every command! <div>&nbsp;</div> Also, logging in with your own userid will definitely clear up some confusion. <div>&nbsp;</div> As for CLI versus GUI, I was a CLI guy until 6.1 came out. Now, I try and do everything via the GUI. Granted, it's in a small environment (my labs) but still, it's a really slick GUI.

2 anthonyv commented Permalink

I share your enthusiasm for removing the svctask/svcinfo! Its a definate step in the right direction. <div>&nbsp;</div> I also am far more enthusiastic about using the GUI than I think I have ever been. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your comment and following my blog!

3 Jame5.H commented Permalink

Vote 1 - CLI. <div>&nbsp;</div> &gt; Works better on remote sites with low bandwidth. <br /> &gt; Excellent for issuing multiple or repetitive commands <br /> &gt; Gives you a better understanding of what happens 'under the hood' <br /> &gt; Removes the need for web browser wars <br /> &gt; Make 'soft' administrators 'hardcore' <br /> &gt; Gives you a break-the-ice topic at the bar when you're trying to grab a sys-prog of the opposite sex <div>&nbsp;</div>

4 anthonyv commented Permalink

I am loving your list of reasons... especially that last one. Does it actually work? #;-) <div>&nbsp;</div>