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Scott,I followed much of your advice during a project last summer as prescribed in the EUP mentioned in your post, as well as the AMM book that you previously authored. We were helping architects for a big Canadian bank with their SOA strategy and then played the role of a reuse team. We followed the advice in terms of initially supporting only one "pilot" team, and after the success followed on supporting multiple projects.The point being, is that I can attest that this kind of governance/architecture works, having tried these approaches compared to traditional waterfall methods, the results aren't even comparable. And this is an extremely conservative organization.As an aside, I am also blogging on a topic that has some similarities to this one, namely how to apply agile techniques in typical consulting engagements.I've contributed a post which talks about to leverage agile when forced to use fixed-price contracts, the URL is in my signature below.

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That's simply the nature of the beast.

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