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You may want to add IBM Focal Point who is being used by many compnies for iteration planning and Epic/Themes or User Stories prioritization.

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There are contexts in which products like Rational Software Architect are quite appropriate for agile development. Features such as sketching, simulation, automated generation of code and documentation all support an agile process if used properly.

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I agree to @NWP: My agile teams especially like the new Architecture Sketching Diagrams that came with RSA 8.0.1. The ability to morph the general shapes (box, circle, tube) into UML elements later is great.

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Raz, good point. I've worked with Focal Point on several projects now and found it quite useful. It's prioritization feature alone would be of great help to many Product Owners who are struggling to prioritize the requirements in a coherent manner. <div>&nbsp;</div> NWP, yes, there are some contexts where RSA is appropriate. The Agile Scaling Model (ASM) can help to make that context a bit more explicit. For example, RSA could make a lot of sense for a team dealing with significant domain or technical complexity, or a distributed team which needs to share complex ideas between locations.

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