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Well put. I never considered Agile to be an approach that might appeal more to those who see software development as an art form. This also can explain why some folks are uncomfortable with one approach versus the other--it's not in line with the way they naturally think. Thank you for this food for thought.

2 ScottAmbler comentou às Link permanente

Perhaps a better way to say it was that agile appears to be attractive to people who consider software development to be more of a craft than an engineering discipline.

3 jgerber comentou às Link permanente

Thanks Scott, helps explain so many Software companies are following IBM's lead and jumping on agile programming bandwagon.<br />

4 ScottAmbler comentou às Link permanente

I suspect that people are "jumping on the agile bandwagon" due to the improved quality, improved chance of delivering functionality that people need, better time to value, and better return on investment (ROI) provided by agile teams compared to traditional teams. See the 2008 Project Success Survey results at (there are other links there too that you might find interesting).

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