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Not a bad definition, but it could be shorter.<div>&nbsp;</div> A long time ago, a colleague (whose name escapes me) had a test for corporate mission statements. He only counted the ones where the inverse made sense. For example, who would not want to produce code in a "cost effective and timely manner"? On the other hand, it is plausible (if misguided) for teams not to take an incremental approach.

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Yes, the definition is longer than I would have hoped but it gets the points across that I wanted to without mangling the English language. In the past I've had bullet point versions which were shorter but weren't proper English.

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How about<div>&nbsp;</div> agile software development is a highly disciplined approach that emphasizes collaboration, self organization, active stakeholder participation and iterative delivery. Agile software development emphasizes minimizing of waste through a "just enough" or "just-in-time" approach.<div>&nbsp;</div> Shorter, but probably less succinct.I thought I would give it a shot anyway :-)<div>&nbsp;</div>

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