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The interface can indeed be changed from the GUI as hscroot, but if the auto negotiation comes back regardless, even if you set it manually to 100Mbps/Full Duplex, you need this workaround. I know this from practical experience, and hence the workaround.

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You can also do all of that from the GUI without root access as hscroot, you will have to reboot to pick up the changes, but then the change would be permanent. I can see no reason for want the problem to come back unless you identified an issue with the switch that was also going to be circumvented. Autoneg on many switches is flaky at best.<div>&nbsp;</div> Also, you can grep the interface name from /var/log/meesages to get the connection speed if you are not sure what speed you are connected as.<div>&nbsp;</div> My 2 cents ..<div>&nbsp;</div> RgdsMark Taylor