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1 mfaisald commented Permalink

<br /> Shouldn't it be 20 Virtual Fiber Channel adapters at 140 MB on each VIO? <div>&nbsp;</div> To determine the amount of memory for each VIO do we have to count number of virtual fiber cards on that VIO or do we have to add virtual fibers on both VIOs and then multiply this number with 140 to calculate the amount of memory required for each VIO ? <div>&nbsp;</div> As the aboe article says.... <br /> "Larger configurations of NPIV clients need to be calculated. For example: two VIOS supporting 20 client VMs, each client has one virtual Fibre Channel adapter on each VIOS = 40 virtual Fibre Channel adapters at 140 MB each = 5.6 GB memory....."

2 nagger commented Permalink

I regularly get questions on this blog <div>&nbsp;</div> 1) from other comment - that is 5.6 GB of buffering space but yes split between the VIOS, so 2.8 GB each. <div>&nbsp;</div> 2) This is VIOS memory.

3 Chris__ commented Permalink

That be Austin Texas I would imagine.