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1 robstah commented Permalink

Nigel how much memory, in general, do storage pools use? Any rules of thumb on how to expand memory or CPU as you implement and grow this setup? <div>&nbsp;</div> More generally, how do you measure the amount of CPU and memory being used by VIO server? Support has been pushing memory footprints for VIO server to be larger and larger, but svmon, vmstat, and the other OS commands that display memory in use do not back up their recommendations. We have seen better stability and performance as we increased the CPU and memory available to the VIO servers, but we can't explain why.

2 Shoran commented Permalink

Is there a base install version available in fixcentral for download? <br /> We need something we can create a NIM lpp-source and spot of.

3 cbartlett commented Permalink

First Attempt. at creating a cluster. The command does not seem to like the hostname. Any one experience this. Hopefully an easy fix. <div>&nbsp;</div> padmin@st1pvio05:/home/padmin $ cluster -create -clustername cluster1 -repopvs hdiskpower52 -spname ssp1 -sppvs hdiskpower50 hdiskpower51 -hostname <br /> Bad Hostname: cluster -create requires the local node hostname. <br /> Command did not complete. <div>&nbsp;</div> padmin@st1pvio05:/home/padmin $ ioslevel <br /> <br /> padmin@st1pvio05:/home/padmin $ oem_setup_env <div>&nbsp;</div> # lslpp -L | grep bos.mp64 <br /> bos.mp64 C F Base Operating System 64-bit <br /> # emgr -l <div>&nbsp;</div> ID STATE LABEL INSTALL TIME UPDATED BY ABSTRACT <br /> === ===== ========== ================= ========== ====================================== <br /> 1 S IV11852m13 06/20/12 14:13:48 Fix for multiple vios apars <br />

4 cbartlett commented Permalink

NM... figured it out <br /> Old hostname: st1pvio05 <br /> New hostname: <br /> Reran the cluster create command.

5 SmjBradshaw commented Permalink

Thank you cbartlett :-) <div>&nbsp;</div> I'd hit same issue with cluster -create failing with " requires the local node hostname" message. I found your post, used oem_setup_env, smitty tcpip to change host name to a fully qualified domain name and my cluster -create now works. <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers Steve <br /> PS thank Nigel, have read a number of these threads, they are very helpful, please keep them up