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I like this method - in fact, I employed it a couple of years ago at a corporation I was working for in Mississauga, Ontario. <br /> The reason I went with vmstat is because it was a common tool on both of our platforms. Previously, we were trying to use nmon on AIX, and glance on HPUX. The SAP guys had their own tools, and the BASIS guys had their own tools, and it was hard to compare the HP's and IBM Power Servers. Vmstat solved all of that mess, and produced consistent, apples-to-apples charts. This better enabled is to perform capacity planning activities. <br /> In addition I built a web-based front-end to produce the rrd charts. Nothing fancy, just some quick, and dirty korn-shell based cgi scripts that let you select one or more servers from a list, enter date ranges, and select chart image sizes. <br /> I would be happy to share if anyone is interested. <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Thanks for the tutorial! <br /> I was able to modify your scripts and graph CPU usage from one of my Linux systems in about 30 minutes (not including the 1 hour of data gathering). Pretty cool stuff, indeed! <br /> We were using nmon2rrd for one customer's SAP infrastructure, but it breaks when you start moving LPARs to other managed systems or renaming them... <br /> Now, if only I could convince my management (and a few customers) to allow me to set up LPAR2RRD... In the meantime, I can create some simpler tools to check performance on one or more LPARs.

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Yep, rrdtool is really great for creating visualization from aix performance data once you learn it. Some time ago I made it to draw graphs from various HMC data, which simplifies capacity management and system wide performance management. I also use it to draw sar data where longer trends are easy to set up for rrd. <div>&nbsp;</div> And i wont give up updating nmon2rrd to be compatible with latest aix topas_nmon versions which now draws charts from over 300 lpars.

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I am stuck since last three days. I am just I am using rrd_graph() function of php but it is showing boxes instead graph titles. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> '; <br /> echo ''; <br /> } <br /> ?&gt; <table> <tr> <td><img src="graphs/2189_udosti_new_sub.png" /></td> </tr> </table>