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1 MattDulson commented Permalink

Thanks for the article Nigel. I've updated around 30 VIOSs to (plus interim fixes) recently. <br /> Rather than upgrade to directly (i.e. FP26 SP01), I first upgraded to (FP26), then applied SP01 to get to <br /> I couldn't find any documentation to say that there was any other direct supported upgrade route, so did it step by step. <div>&nbsp;</div> It would be great if it was as easy as installing an AIX service pack and automatically being able to install the requisite Technology level (or Fix Pack in this case) as part of the install. I’d welcome an opinion on what is best practice here. <div>&nbsp;</div> The FP26 upgrade is 3.35GB, and SP01 is 1.02GB on top of this. At one point Fix Central also offered me an 8GB download and I think (although can’t re-create it) it was trying to include the pre-reqs to upgrade from 2.1 even though I was on already. As the ck_sum failed I thought it best to avoid this download. <div>&nbsp;</div> On around 80% of the updates to the updateios hung right at the end (as you found), but just doing a "crtrl-c" and then running "swrole - PAdmin" then a reboot as per the release notes worked fine. No updates to from hung at all for me. <div>&nbsp;</div> It’s worth making note of the fact that any ISOs loaded on vtopt devices should be unloaded before the upgrade (as per the release notes). <br /> Regarding backups pre-update then I personally used “alt_root_vg” which is worth mentioning is the VIOS version of alt_disk_copy. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also, there is an APAR for a an issue with the updateios command which I reported – it only catches you though if you have a file/directory which is a single alpha character in the directory you are in when you run the command. <br /> See <div>&nbsp;</div> Keep up the good work.

2 Daniel Martin-Corben commented Permalink

Afternoon, <br /> Cheers again for the update, but I was wondering today how would I go about exporting my images that I've created in my shared storage pool to another system? Would this be something that SSP could handle, normally I would use Storage Control and export the image using ICCT, not something I appear to be able do with SSP.

3 nagger commented Permalink

Hi Matt Dulson - I think the two step install the upgrade and then the fixes is all we have and yes, given the first is 3 GB and the second is 1 GB there must be a large overlap. I think this reduces the VIOS teams retesting of the update process for every fix at the expense of in the field upgrade time. Despite the fact most people think IBM has infinite money and infinite people resources it is not true. Thanks for the other information.

4 nagger commented Permalink

Hi Daniel Martin. The current SSP does not support an expert function from the SSP for the disk blocks of a specific LU or group of LUs and the disk subsystem level has no clues of which block belong to a specific LU. So make sure you have the VM in the correct SSP in the first place :-) You could mksysb and NIM install AIX to a different VM and SSP. Alternatively, you could add "old fashioned" LUNs and migratepv to the LU content to LUNs. Then remove the LUs followed by LPM or connecting to a different SSP. Long winded but them it is all online at the time. Longer term, I am sure this feature is on the future functions list.