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Another possible scenario is that you have a server which does not support hot add/remove of adapters eg: a 720 and some time after the non disruptive updates to firmware and HMC, you need to install a new adapter. You need to shutdown all the LPARs, and if your VIO server or servers will not start, none of your virtualised LPARs will be available. <div>&nbsp;</div> INSTALL SP2 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. <div>&nbsp;</div> Here is a link a page in FixCentral from which you can download the Service Pack: <div>&nbsp;</div>;product=ibm/hmc/9100HMC&amp;release=All&amp;platform=All&amp;function=fixId&amp;fixids=MH01354&amp;includeSupersedes=0&amp;source=fc <div>&nbsp;</div> There is also an eFix, MH01367, issued 14th June 2013