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1 69HC_Wayne_Monfries commented Permalink

As someone who enjoyed your blog and fits into both Category A and Category B comfortably, a few points I can add : <div>&nbsp;</div> . with point "a" item "6", I would personally prefer using an application that can load level on top of GPFS - like DB2 Purescale than HACMP, and I think the former type of high availability (or load levelling) would work better in the cloud space with a little thought about storage. <br /> . with point "c" item "1", you forgot to mention Live Partition Mobility between machines to rejuggle workloads and as of later versions the ability to move CoD between hardware. <br /> . with point "d", another really big scale up advantage is the increase in IO Bandwidth (even when only using PCie2 cards in the current P7+). There is also the consolidation motive ... <br /> . with point "g", item "4", some of these secrets have already been released in pre-announcements now and Power8 looks pretty good to me.