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1 gazuk commented Permalink

Hi. Yes, I am testing PowerVP and have just received an updated, though still pre-GA version. I shall be upgrading in the next hour or so. I shall be sure to make sure that we post some movies very soon.

2 Saravanan Gandhirajan commented Permalink

Hi, Can i know from which version control channel is not needed.

3 nagger commented Permalink

HMC 7.7.8 and probably FW 780 expected 6th Dec 2013

4 prakash.rajendran commented Permalink

Please can you provide more details about mksysb -T option as i cant find this flag in the MKSYSB man pages. Can you please tell which AIX version and TL from which this flag supports ?

5 nagger commented Permalink

These AIX features were announced 8th October 2013 and will appear in the NEXT AIX version i.e. AIX 7.1 TL3 or AIX 6 TL9

6 Oscar Alvarez Rejas commented Permalink

Tried PowerPV, really useful tool when looking for hardware bottlenecks <br /> It would be nice to support data reading using commands to implements snmp alerts and other things! <div>&nbsp;</div> Oscar

7 Manoj Suyal commented Permalink

Hi Nigel, Very useful stuff as usual ! Could you please confirm how the SEA failover setup can be done in case of dual VIO without using control channel. and what all prerequisite are needed for this. .. Regards

8 nagger commented Permalink

Manoj, The control channel is still needed but its now set up for you. All pre-reqs! You can read the Redbooks as well as me.

9 Manoj Suyal commented Permalink

Thanks for your prompt response! Control channel is defined by default on VIO server when we create it ( is that you want to say ?) if so, will we be able to see which adapter is defined for control channel, as control channel adapter name would be required while creating SEA as an ctl_chan attribute . I don't really understand what I am missing here ! ... Please do correct me If I am wrong, and sorry for bothering you again and again..